This section brings together different Skills/Tools/Methods which support Transition Management and Innovation for sustainability.

Learning by Doing

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Social Learning

Social learning is learning other people do not see the world (or reality) the same as you, but finding a way to work with them. There are more formal definitions but this will get us started.

Review – UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

This document is an example of a national climate change adaptation planning process. It is the result of the 2008 Climate Change Act. Below the five takeaways of the report are highlighted. Five Takeaways One: A Joined-Up Approach to Climate Change Two: Prioritize Responses Three: Regular reviews Four: Defining Risk Five: Clearly Communicating One: A …

Developing Assessment Tools in GIS – Draft

This method is quick and easy to learn and apply. This tool was developed as an implementation of Dizdaroglu and Yigitcanlar (2014). The idea is simple – create a spatial visual representation of a sustainability issue assessment. The GIS implementation is relatively easy. Identify the parcel(s) which you want to assess then add a fishnet …

Pretotype / Iterations

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