Your life is a beta version.

“Your life is a beta version” is not a phrase I invented but definitely the way I view, if not live life. A beta version refers to multiple versions all focused on trying to create, improve and be. On this site, I will share some of my photos and look at creating beta versions of sustainability transitions.

Statement of photography

Simplifying the scene to the objects while minimizing the reliance color or style seeks to achieve a type of authenticity without informing the viewer how to feel about it.  Viewers decide for themselves how to feel, encouraged to awareness, they experience stronger emotions than relying on overused archetypes. If only for a brief moment they are in touch with a Truth, a Beauty, and a Knowledge.

Statement of sustainability

For me, sustainability is a tool for transforming societal mindsets and structures to create well-being by achieving an equitably society, and creating a healthy environment, and living meaningful lives. My primary methods for contributing to this transition are leading co-design processes focused on innovation and education.

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