Your life is a beta version

My role is to listen to people and discover the context and understand what they really need looking through a lens of humanistic sustainability. Then… I work with them to build something that is the enactment of their minds, my mind, and what is possible.

“Your life is a beta version” is not a phrase I invented but definitely the way I view, if not live life. A beta version refers to multiple versions all focused on trying to create and improve. On this site, I will look at creating beta versions of sustainability and how these efforts are guided by three principles Truth, Beauty, and Knowledge.

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Sustainability as a discipline

Introduction to what we do in sustainability? Sustainability emerged as a discipline to support addressing the dynamic complexity of modern life. Sustainability is a discipline for managing the challenges presented by global change. It looks to transition society and also the practice of science . 1]Pahl-Wostl, C., Giupponi, C., Richards, K., Binder, C., de Sherbinin, …