Your life is a beta version

“Your life is a beta version” is not a phrase I invented but definitely the way I view if not live life. These days people get stressed over too many things.

Personally, I explore life to create meanings and experience its joy. Here, I will explore sensemaking and nourishment. True to the essence of a beta release you may visit the site one day and read an outline which develops over time into a full post. You are welcome to come along, or not.

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Poverty the Real Threat

Just because someone does not live in a developing country does not mean they are better off. Nobel prize winning economist Amartya Sen views development as empowering people to lead a life they find meaningful. Meaningfulness is a relative concept. Being able to follow other’s consumption patterns or get health care or send your child …

Breakneck Creek project

The video looks at the impacts of erosion along a section of Breakneck Creek. The project seeks to transform the relationship between the creek and the town. Long taken for granted and ignored, Breakneck Creek threatens the area and also offers opportunities. This video was done for the members of a class looking at how …

Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball)

Yaki Onigiri (a Grilled Rice Ball) offers nourishment for body and spirit. It was an entire experience not just the act of eating. The journey began when my wife and I wrestled the remote control away from our children. Typically we end up watching arthouse movies or anime depending upon which child is in the …