Your life is a beta release

“Your life is a beta release” is not a phrase I invented but definitely the way I view if not live life. These days people get stressed over too many things.

Personally, I explore life to discover meanings and experience its joy. Thus, here I will explore sensemaking and rapture. True to the essence of a beta release you may visit the site one day and read an outline which develops over time into a full post. You are welcome to come along, or not.

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Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball)

How can Yaki Onigiri (a Grilled Rice Ball) be a source of rapture? It was an entire experience not just the act of eating. The journey began when my wife and I wrestled the remote control away from our children. Typically we end up watching arthouse movies or anime depending upon which child is in …

Forces: Controlling the Narrative

I am amazed that some people believe that wearing face masks is a government plot. What would be the motivation and what is there to gain? Refusing to wear face mask as an act of defiance is on par with speeding in a school zone. I can imagine someone saying “No one is going to …

Op-ed: Reset: from Fear to Well-Being

Selfishness creates fear. We have become a selfish and fearful society. There is now a chance to reset and start moving from fear to well-being by embracing sustainability. Most people immediately think about the natural environment when the word sustainability is mentioned. For example, a parent of a student recently commented the COVID-19 crisis would …