Case Studies

This section brings highlights different case studies showcasing Transition Management and Innovation for sustainability.

Breakneck Creek project

The video looks at the impacts of erosion along a section of Breakneck Creek. The project seeks to transform the relationship between the creek and the town. Long taken for granted and ignored, Breakneck Creek threatens the area and also offers opportunities. This video was done for the members of a class looking at how …

Mars PA

Reflection on the class

PITT and Nine Mile Run

Citizen Science. Testing

Case Study – Mars PA

(Mars) Mayor Gregg Hartung approached the Falk School of Sustainability & Environment, wanting to see if Chatham could do something to help. He was particularly focused on the grocery store. I had my Leadership for Transitions to Sustainability class coming up, so I suggested that we could look more broadly at what residents were interested in. —Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Business Thomas Macagno