Mars PA

Mayor Gregg Hartung of Mars PA approached the Falk School of Sustainability & Environment, wanting to see if Chatham could do something to help. He was particularly focused on the grocery store. I had my Leadership for Transitions to Sustainability class coming up, so I suggested that we could look more broadly at what residents were interested in. —Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Business Thomas Macagno


See this on Social Learning:

social learning has to be about how to bring people together. Particularly it is about helping people work collaboratively – bridging disciplines, knowledge systems and cultures.  By keeping these concepts in mind we can aim to manage more interactions within participatory and learning-based contexts to help those involved to engage in social learning and develop a shared understanding around goals, actions and indicators.

In Mars, we were trying to model and facilitate ways the community could work collaboratively to address their problems. The primary method was to 1) Get background on the area 2) Conduct Focus Groups

  1. Help communities with sensemaking for changes.
  2. Help communities work collaboratively

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