Consiously or unconsciously everyone seeks to be whole. Wholeness requires active nourishment. Our acts can nourish ourselves and other people. There are three important areas to nourish three areas: body, mind and spirit. Nourishment balances and re-balances the major aspects of life:

  • Work vs. Personal
  • Health vs. Pleasure
  • Duties vs. Leisure
  • Wealth vs. Austerity
  • Others vs. Self
  • Learning vs. Doing

Here are some post focused on reflecting on different forms of nourishment.

Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball)

Yaki Onigiri (a Grilled Rice Ball) offers nourishment for body and spirit. It was an entire experience not just the act of eating. The journey began when my wife and I wrestled the remote control away from our children. Typically we end up watching arthouse movies or anime depending upon which child is in the …

Op-ed: Reset: from Fear to Well-Being

Selfishness creates fear. We have become a selfish and fearful society. There is now a chance to reset and start moving from fear to well-being by embracing sustainability. Most people immediately think about the natural environment when the word sustainability is mentioned. For example, a parent of a student recently commented the COVID-19 crisis would …

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