A Brief Biography

Francesco Macagno
Giovanna Gastaldi

By Katherine (Macagno) Sola
(As told to Frances (Sola) Della)  

Francesco Maccagno (Francesco Macagno) was born in Vottignasco, Italy in January 1872. Giovanna (Gastaldi) Macagno was born in Villafalletto on 11 November, 1872.

When Francesco was 20 (1892) he came to America and worked on the Swall Ranch in Tulare. He returned to Italy and married Giovanna Gastaldi in 1898.

In Italy they had a restaurant and later sold it and bought a cafe called "Cafe Novo."

Francesco and Giovanna had 5 children:

In 1914 Francesco and son Laurence came to America.

In 1915 Giovanna sold the "Cafi Novo" and in September 1915 with children Katherine, John and Frank came to America, first to New York then by train. Stopped in Chicago (off the train long enough to buy chocolate bars) then on to Tulare.

They stayed a few days at Hotel Tulare, then went to Tipton where Francesco was milking cows. They lived in a house back in the field for a few weeks then Francesco rented 40 acres in Tulare. They bought a sow that later had 12 piglets, cows and horses.

In 1918 (3 years later) they moved to Paige renting 120 acres, raising turkeys, chickens, 30 cows and 3 ducks.

In 1920 they moved to Hanford and bought a boarding house on 7th Street, 1 block west of the train tracks. Daughter Katherine worked in a restaurant in Hanford then married Domenico Sola in 1922.

Francesco passed away in September 1940. Giovanna stayed at the boarding house until 1950. She sold the boarding house and moved to Porterville. She passed away in Katherine and Domencio Sola's home in the spring of 1952.