A Brief Biography

Frank Albert Macagno

(aka Francesco Alberto Maccagno)  

Frank Albert Macagno was born October 22, 1912 in Villafalletto, Italy. He was the third son and youngest child of Francesco Maccagno and Giovanna Gastaldi.

Frank immigrated to the United States in 1915 and settled with his family in Hanford. There they opened a hotel for single gentlemen on Seventh St., just a block from the train station. While growing up, Frank helped his mother run the hotel. In fact, Frank remained very devoted to his mom throughout his life.

Just as he was completing his education, the Great Depression swept the country. In 1934, Frank left his family and sought his fortune in San Francisco. In San Francisco he first got involved in what proved to be his lifelong career - the restaurant While at Lucca's, Frank struck up a friendship with a fellow waiter, Frank Campedel. This began a warm, caring friendship that spanned over 65 years.

As a matter of fact, it was through his great friend Frank Campedel that Frank met his beloved wife. It seems that the two Franks visited some family friends of Mr. Campedel's who lived in Los Angeles. These family friends, the Buscaglias, had a beautifu

Frank relocated to Los Angeles upon his marriage. He quickly resumed work as a waiter, and immediately began investing in rental properties. Over the years Frank invested in a number of apartments and houses and always maintained and renovated them h Two children were born to Marge and Frank: Joan and Gilbert. They, in turn, have married and given Frank one granddaughter and four grandsons.

Frank eventually went on to own his own restaurants in Los Angeles for a number of years. After retirement, tireless Frank went once again into the restaurant business and managed Edward's Steakhouse for many years.

Frank will always be recalled by his loved ones and friends as a hard-working man. He always met his responsibilities head-on. He was a good provider for his wife and family.

Few people can ever remember Frank sitting down or standing still. He was in constant motion. If there was a job to be done, Frank was ready, willing and able to do it.

Frank also had a light hearted sense of humor. He was a master of the practical joke, and nobody was sacred. In later years, he very much enjoyed playing with his grandchildren.

Frank will be missed very much by his family and friends. Source